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TEAM ENLIGHTEN is a team discovery and learning programme designed to help team members communicate and engage one another more effectively by understanding each other's thinking and behavioural preferences / attributes.

Key Objectives & Outcomes

  • To introduce the team to the Emergenetics Model and Tool which will be used as a "common language" of communication and understanding.

  • To help team members be aware of the strengths and potential blindspots of each of the 4 thinking and 3 behavioural attributes.

  • To help team members learn how to communicate more effectively and better engage members of a different preference.


TEAM ENGAGE is a team engagement programme designed to help teams improve their communication and collaboration as well as enhance team effectiveness and productivity.

Key Objectives & Outcomes

  • To help teams discover and learn more about each member’s communication and working style through their thinking and behavioural preferences.

  • To help teams Identify their strengths and potential blindspots for both individual members as well as the team (eg. whole team, sub-teams) and to create both personal and team action blue prints.

  • To help teams map their actual work deliverables and competencies to their individual/team profiles so as to identify areas for improvement and to enhance the competencies needed to meet Individual and team KPIs.


TEAM EMPOWER is a team empowerment programme designed to help leaders and teams define or redefine their purpose, people, processes and perspectives. Whether you are a startup building up your team, a SME or MNC looking for a transformation of how your team is engaged and how you engage your clients or customers, we will help you build a more purpose-driven,  people-centred & future-ready team culture using our 3Es Engagement Approach and 4M's Team Model (Mission, Members, Method & Mindset).

Key Objectives & Outcomes

  • Includes Team Enlighten and Team Engage

  • For leaders and teams to co-create a Team / Organisational Culture Blue print

  • For leaders and teams to co-create a Client / Customer Experience Blue print

Our learning and engagement methodology is inspired by Emergenetics, a brain-based psychometric profiling model and tool that distinctively measures one's thinking and behavioural preferences. By incorporating the Emergenetics model as a tool and framework as part of our programmes, our learning applications and engagement solutions are designed and developed to provide more holistic outcomes and results.

Our Programme Core Features

Administration of Emergenetics Psychometric Profiling Tool

An online profiling assessment is done at the start of each programme to help assess and identify the thinking & behavioural preferences of every member in the team.

Design, Delivery & Facilitation of Team Workshops & Playlabs

Our programmes are curated to achieve the engagement objectives and outcomes in an organised, systematic and structured format so that they can be sustainable.

Human-Centric & Relational Learning Design Approach

Our programmes are designed to enable engagement and learning at a personal level so that members can relate and apply them in their own personal development.

Customised Collaboration & Partnership

We see every client as an an opportunity that we can collaborate with to support them in achieving their purpose, mission and vision. And we hope to be able to journey with them as partners.

These key features are embedded as critical components in our programmes so that the engagement is personalised, impactful and sustainable.

Key Benefits & Results of Our Programmes

Enhancement of communication & trust within the team.

Increase in Engagement by up to 250%.

Increase in Effectiveness & Productivity by up to 200%.

Empowered Leaders that are able to inspire & lead their teams effectively.

A Purpose-driven, Collaborative & High Performance Team Culture.

We are dedicated and committed to help you build more purpose-driven, people-centred & future-ready teams.

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