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"Thinkers think and doers do. But until thinkers do and doers think, progress will be just another word in the already overburdened vocabulary of talkers who talk."



Our Psychometric Tool of Choice

Our Emergenetics Workshops & Programmes

As our psychometric profiling tool of choice, we incorporate Emergenetics for all our learning and engagement programmes. Emergenetics is more than just a profiling tool for us. We embed Emergenetics as a model and framework for our programme design and development as well as our learning and engagement applications so that our solutions are able provide more holistic outcomes and achieve better results.

Key Features of our Emergenetics Programmes

Administration of Emergenetics Psychometric Profiling Tool

An online profiling assessment is done at the start of each programme to help assess and identify the thinking & behavioural preferences of the individual or team.

Design, Delivery & Facilitation of Team Workshops & Playlabs

Our programmes are curated to achieve the engagement objectives and outcomes in an organised, systematic and structured format so that they can be sustainable.

Human-Centric & Relational Learning Design Approach

Our programmes are designed to enable engagement and learning at a personal level so that members can relate and apply them in their own personal development.

Customised Collaboration & Partnership

We see every client as an an opportunity that we can collaborate with to support them in achieving their purpose, mission and vision. And we hope to be able to journey with them as partners.

About Emergenetics

The Emergenetics Profile was developed through years of psychometric research by Drs. Geil Browning and Wendell Williams to distinctively measure how a person prefers to think and behave. Emergenetics accurately measures the seven attributes of every individual and it was developed to combine the core principles of effective learning, communication styles and engagement.

The Emergenetics Model & Attributes

(4 Thinking & 3 Behavioural Preferences)

The Emergenetics Profiling Tools & Key Features

Individual Profile &

Narrative Report

Team Profiles &

Group Dot Graphs

E-Learning Platform

Mobile Application

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